Finance - An additional 2 hours a week can make you a millionaire

An additional 2 hours a week can make you a millionaire

When you need two hours of work a week to bring more value to your customers, it is possible to change your life only. What kind of change? What about the $ 1,000,000 change? But first, let's take a look at some data, and then I'll give you a roadmap process you can place today.

It's really scary. 26% of all Americans have $ 0 in savings account. 7% do not even have a savings account! The average American has $ 4,436 in savings and 76% of households live on pay. The average 60 years has less than $ 200,000 in retirement savings. Not surprisingly, most people simply do not believe in the idea that they can actually become millionaires. But what if I could show you how? What happens if I can show you how to earn an extra $ 2,000 a month, and if you invest in just 20 years, it will easily turn into $ 1,000,000? Will you do that? If your answer is yes, read it.

Let's take a real example of life where I just created my personal trainer Josh. It is an ideal example of how you or anyone can do it. Josh was paid $ 50 per session and had 15 clients a week with 3 sessions. This translates to $ 2,250 per week or $ 9,000 a month. When he put forward the concept of $ 2,000 = $ 1,000,000, he liked the idea, but did not think he could get an additional $ 2,000 a month to invest. It seemed like an impossible dream. He already had a mutual fund, earning 6% a year, but he had less than $ 1,000 and contributed $ 100 a month. This is people's problem. Many of us have established retirement accounts, but our deposits are not enough to transfer the needle from our net worth. That's why we have to get to a minute. $ 2,000 per month of extra money to start moving the needle. The following is the road map that you created for Josh to create an additional $ 2000 per month. The big question was, "How many more hours per week will I need to work?" The answer? Two. That's right, an extra two hours per week will make you a millionaire. I'm sure the same thing can easily work for your business. Regardless of the work you are in.

Here is the road map:

Step 1:
Increase the value you bring. In the case of Josh, all he did was solve the people. There are no plans for meals, videos, body fat index tests, food counseling, or meal preparation. In short, offer its customers a limited additional value (really zero). You can not increase prices without increasing the value. So I and I created the following value-added programs and put them into action within a week. Josh has subscribed to the e-mail program (there are tons like Constant Contact or MailChimp), it's loaded into its clients' e-mail addresses, and it has a platform to send value-added messages to them at any time. He then created content through a simple one-page weekly newsletter, which was emailed on Monday morning at 6am. In the newsletter presented excellent recipes for easy cooking meals. Talk about nutritional suggestions along with recommendations for vitamins and supplements. He told his readers about local farmers' markets in the region and what was in the season to buy and eat. He even presented a section of DATE NIGHT suggestions that his clients should attend a night of statements and why it was important for their marriage and mental health, as well as excellent sites and destinations to make them more private. Finally, he began registering himself as he trained and prevented them from entering the newsletter so that his clients could do it on their leave. Get the picture? He began to add a base of value-added services that informed, learned and received his customer base. Total time per week? 2 additional hours
Step 2:
To raise prices. We raise the interest rate from $ 50 per session to $ 60 per session. $ 10, and a small amount. But not all customers went for it.
Step 3:
What did your client say? Some customers were not willing to pay an extra $ 10. They did not see the added value of the newsletter because they did not get it in the first place. They just want a cheaper price. No problem ... This is the step of step 3 to test your customer base and the value it offers you. In the case of Josh, he had some cheap clients and did not give them enough value. So they left her. If you increase prices without providing enough value to your customers, some will also leave. They must! Courage is the key to today's busy market. You must provide a value that exceeds the price you charge.

Phase 4:
Put on your selling hat. Josh lost some customers, so he had to sell to find alternatives and others. But now, he started a new price ($ 60) and introduced a new product. This time he was "Josh aka The Super Trainer", who cares about his customers more than anyone else and tests him every week through the content he puts in his newsletters. Now you focus on your muscles, your mind, your eating and even your relationship. He began asking about references from his current clients and asked them to communicate with their families, friends and colleagues at work. I also asked him to talk to some of the most active trainers in the gym and asked them about their surplus, customers who were too busy to deal with them. Within two weeks he was replaced by clients who left when prices rose. It has been easy to replace them and has already hosted 3 others for a total of 18 new clients.

The final result:

Josh now has 18 very satisfied clients who receive a very useful weekly newsletter and can see their own training on holidays. The new customer base pays $ 60 per session x sessions per week, now equal to $ 12,960 per month. An increase of $ 3,960 over your previous income level.

I almost forgot ... How will Josh gain two more hours a week than $ 1 million and why should he adjust his business to find $ 2,000 a month for investment? This is how Josh will work. Is 30 years old. Your monthly investments will now increase from $ 100 to $ 2,000 per month because you have an additional $ 3,960 per month. Even after saving $ 2000, you still have $ 1960 more than a month! Your $ 2,000 amount will go to the same mutual fund with an average annual return of 6%. At the end of the 21 years, it will have a value of $ 1,017,000. You will be 51 years old and have more than $ 1,017,000 in your retirement account! If Josh wanted to continue until he was 60, he would get $ 2,011,000. It can happen if you just started. It's easier if you start at 20 or 30, but you can do it if you start at 40, 50, or even 60.

2 extra hours per week and an additional $ 2,000 per month Magical.

Get some magic in your life!

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