Finance - Money and God's plan

Money and God's plan

The world depends on money in everything important to sustain life. That's what the man did, but it was not always so. Until the arrival of kings and their greed for wealth, things did not change. One can not live simply by asking society to pay until God lives on earth as God in heaven. Only now can we talk about it because not too long ago it would be classified as a betrayal

After my reincarnation and a special vision of the world are taken from the perspective that all who have lived have already returned, as promised in the Bible (Job 5: 19-22, Isaiah 26:19), my observations led me to figure out. What is the relationship between money and the plan of God? This was the question and it was not easy to answer.

If everyone returns from the dead, it does not make sense for some to be now blacks who were once white, while other rich people were once poor. What if some of the women were now men, as in my case? Is not this a way to punish those who mistreated others in a previous life? Would not it be justified if someone abused a woman and now became a woman punished by a man?

No one knows the answers to these questions and the empty speculation is not complete, but there are now many things that seem to be going in that direction. In the prophecies of the Old Testament, the Spirit promised that the world would end at this time. How do we know this? In Micah 4: 1 we promised that at the end of days there would be a mountain so high that everyone would go to Him.

This mountain is the Internet and Jeremiah 25:31,33 says that God will use this mountain to speak to the world. There has been a great movement in technology that has allowed all people around the world to hear the same things and communicate with one voice. While money is the instigator of innovation and better communication, it is the voice of God that speaks through it.

Millions of pages on the web reveal the truth. Everything we discover in it and everything we have done in the past is now being presented as a huge museum. God has used money to achieve it and now uses greed, a product of money, to bring the end of the day. The large increase in population can be interpreted as evidence that everyone has come back and heard the truth, which is why religions fail.

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